Heat & Power

How the XRGI® works

The XRGI® is based on the logical development of incredible technology: combined heat and power generation. This enables the XRGI® to generate heat and electricity at the same time with excellent efficiency, thereby supplementing the building’s heating system. It is powered by gas, ideally from renewable sources – making it 100% climate-neutral. XRGI® operators are therefore able to determine their own CO2 footprint.

  • To generate power, the exceptionally quiet engine in the XRGI® drives a generator which produces electricity. It’s a bit like a dynamo on a bicycle wheel, only much more powerful.
  • This process generates heat, which the XRGI® captures with a heat exchanger. This allows it to be transferred into a heating circuit and used to heat rooms as well as hot water.

Thanks to cogeneration, a combined heat and power plant like our XRGI® uses the energy twice and almost without loss. Experts call this a high degree of utilisation. Compared to conventional electricity and heat production, this not only protects the climate and the environment, but also reduces the property’s energy costs.

The XRGI® co-generation plant: the best efficiency

There are many good reasons in favour of a cogeneration plant:
It saves energy costs, improves the climate balance, helps to meet legal requirements and funding criteria and makes the building’s energy supply future-proof for decades. But there is even more to be said for an XRGI® co-generation plant from EC POWER.

That’s because, with the XRGI®, the switch to cogeneration is incredibly easy. Thanks to its unique, multi-award-winning concept, it is installed in no time at all, is whisper-quiet, requires little maintenance, is highly efficient and is economical right from the start. So it’s no surprise that the XRGI® has been the market leader in its class for years.

Here’s why the XRGI® is the market leader:

  • Reliable fulfilment of the legal requirements for new construction and refurbishment (GEG/BEG)
  • Flexible and easy installation in almost any property
  • Easy installation and integration thanks to ready-to-connect operating strategies
  • Whisper-quiet operation thanks to sophisticated design
  • Supremely climate-friendly and cost-effective
  • Highest certified efficiency on the market
  • Constantly high efficiency, even in the partial load range
  • Maintenance intervals of up to 10,000 operating hours
  • Europewide partner and service network

The success of our XRGI® series speaks for itself: over 12,000 units are already in use in more than 27 countries. Check out the advantages of the XRGI® for yourself!


The XRGI® are currently available in four sizes and can be easily and economically cascaded to higher outputs.

All models and performance data can be found at:


In no time


Our XRGI® cogeneration plants are known for their flexible integration options and smooth installation. They can be easily integrated with plug-and-play into buildings’ existing and new heating centres and make tedious preparatory work unnecessary. This saves nerves, time and money – even before commissioning.

The XRGI® is one of the most compact cogeneration plants on the market: its power unit fits through any door. The other components of the cogeneration plant are also designed to be space-saving and modular, so they can be arranged flexibly. This allows installation in almost any boiler room or utility room – even under difficult conditions.

No additional sound insulation is needed, because the XRGI® is one of the quietest cogeneration plants on the market. With a sound level of just 49 dB(A) – at full output, measured from a distance of one metre – it is even quieter than standard boilers and usually cannot be heard outside the boiler room. With an additional exhaust silencer and sound-insulating feet, the noise level can be reduced even further.

No additional foundation work is needed because the compact, closed-bottom design of the XRGI® prevents noise from entering the ground. The additional concrete foundation with insulation layer that is indispensable for other cogeneration plants is not required for the XRGI®.

No additional ventilation is required for the power unit. Normal ventilation of the boiler room is sufficient.

What’s more: the XRGI® is a simple and cost-effective solution for complying with the legal requirements for new construction and refurbishment.

Service partner: by your side at all times

An XRGI® never comes alone: a competent point of contact is available at all times for regular, quickly completed maintenance, standard remote monitoring and, of course, for all questions regarding the successful operation of the XRGI® cogeneration plant. We guarantee this thanks to our Europewide network of certified regional partner companies and our EC POWER plant customer service team. After all, our customers have a right to decades of reliable operation, the best possible service and first-class advice.

You can find more information on the service network at:

Plug-and-play cogeneration plant with success guarantee

Planners and installers also know: EC POWER has simply thought of everything. Our 3D installation recommendations and standard hydraulics, which have been tested thousands of times, help to install the XRGI® safely and quickly and to connect it perfectly to other components such as boilers, heat pumps, electric heaters or cooling systems.

Further information on standard installations can be found at:

Energy Solutions

The XRGI®: equipped for every task

An XRGI® cogeneration plant can be combined with a wide range of other energy components. This makes it the surprisingly simple solution even for demanding applications in commercial, local heating and district heating supplies. It’s also a decisive step on the way to sector coupling – one of the central principles of the energy transition.

XRGI® with a battery system

The XRGI® with a battery system safeguards the supply of energy in the event of a power outage affecting the public power grid (island mode, back-up supply). At other times, the use of electricity is optimised by peak shaving, the operation of E-charging stations with local load management and an increase in the internal current consumption.

XRGI® with battery and photovoltaics

A photovoltaic system which generates power perfectly complements the XRGI® with its battery system. The photovoltaic system generates power locally in summer, when little or no heat is needed. On the other hand, the XRGI® safeguards the heat and power supply in winter, when the photovoltaic system hardly generates any electric power.

XRGI® with heat pump

The XRGI® ensures the power supply to the heat pump, increases its efficiency and thus provides heat and power at low cost.

XRGI® with cooling system

Cold is generated using heat from the XRGI® instead of electricity. This makes the low-cost electric power from the XRGI® available for other electric power applications.

XRGI® with an electric-heater

XRGI® produces heat and power simultaneously, and in instances where more heat is needed, the electricity produced by the XRGI® can be used to power the electric heater. The electric heater can also be used as a peak load boiler if no heating boiler is used for heat generation as a back-up or during peak load times.

Energy centre: perfect interaction with the XRGI®

With the ENERGY CENTRE, EC POWER puts the XRGI® at the heart of a standardised supply system that simply works. Combine an XRGI® with other rational energy technologies and storage systems as required – without individual planning. All of the modules are coordinated with each other so that they work perfectly together. This facilitates simple installation, automatic operation and hitch-free maintenance.

Our partner companies will be happy to take care of the implementation planning and installation of your ENERGY CENTRE for you. And if supply demands change, the modular structure of the ENERGY CENTRE means it can be smoothly transferred and expanded.

More information about the ENERGY CENTRE

Power house: the XRGI® in outdoor use

The POWER HOUSE is EC POWER’s all-in-one solution for all buildings where free space is a valuable asset. It accommodates the complete heating centre outdoors in a compact unit on the side or roof of the building. This can be expanded or upgraded to an ENERGY CENTRE at any time.

  • Inside the POWER HOUSE, one or more XRGI® cogeneration plants simultaneously generate heat and electricity for direct use in the property.
  • If the POWER HOUSE produces more electricity than is consumed, the surplus is sold to the grid.
  • Let EC POWER work for you: we design your POWER HOUSE according to your individual needs and our partners deliver it turnkey on site.

More information about the POWER HOUSE

For the Environment

Cogeneration plant + renewable = climate-neutral

Transforming the energy supply in the building sector in a sustainable way is perhaps the most important task of our time. EC POWER takes this task seriously: our XRGI® cogeneration plants are currently the most efficient way to supply buildings with decentralised heat and power. They produce around 50 % less CO2 than conventional energy systems and make almost full use of the fuel used.

This cogeneration plant fuel is gas – but gas has long been available in green. Every XRGI® can already run on 100 % renewable energy, such as biogas, biomethane or climate-friendly synthetic gas generated from hydroelectric, wind or solar power using power-to-gas technology. The already low emissions can thus be reduced to zero.

In short, our cogeneration plants save maximum energy, are forward-looking and climate-friendly. For us, the XRGI® is therefore more than just a product – it is a central building block for the energy transition.

the cogeneration plant with the highest certified efficiency

Similar to refrigerators and washing machines, the energy efficiency of heating technology is also independently tested and labelled with an efficiency label that is uniform throughout Europe.

Feel free to compare: the XRGI® is incomparably efficient, achieving the best possible class of A+++.
A triple plus for the environment.

You can find more information about energy efficiency at:

Cogeneration plant: enormous potential savings on heating

Due to their enormously high degree of utilisation, our XRGI® cogeneration plants require far fewer resources than other types of energy supply to generate the same amount of electricity and heat.

Heating a building thus becomes much more climate-friendly and cheaper. This is made possible by patented and certified technologies that are unique to the XRGI® and make the switch particularly worthwhile.

You can find more information about potential savings at:


The XRGI® is a central building block for the energy revolution

A sustainable future

Transforming the energy supply in the building sector in a sustainable and climate-neutral way is perhaps the most important task of our time.
EC POWER takes this task seriously: our XRGI® cogeneration units offer everything today that will be needed on tomorrow’s energy market.

Maximum efficiency

XRGI® combined heat and power plants from EC POWER operate according to the principle of cogeneration and are currently the most efficient way of supplying buildings with decentralised heat and power. They make almost full use of the fuel used – with overall utilisation rates of up to 106 % net – and achieve even higher efficiency levels in combination with other technologies.

Maximum climate protection

A CHP unit uses gas – preferably low carbon green gasses. Every XRGI® can be operated with 100 % renewable energy. The already low CO2 emissions – about 50 % lower than with conventional energy systems – can thus be reduced further.

Future security

Gas ensures the power supply even without brown coal, because our gas network is becoming the power storage of the energy transition. In this network, we can transport green gas over long distances and store it without any problems. Gas-fired cogeneration units like the XRGI® remain a safe investment.


The XRGI® is an excellent way to balance the natural fluctuations of renewable energy production from the sun and wind. Cogeneration plants are an important safety net for the energy supply in the event of power dips or even a blackout.


The power-to-gas process converts surplus electricity from renewable sources into climate-friendly gas. Just like biogas from biogas plants, it is easy to store – much easier than electricity – and is used by the XRGI® cogeneration plant exactly when energy is needed.

You can find more information about future security at: www.ecpower.eu



With the XRGI®, EC POWER is the leading manufacturer of mini cogeneration plants and the technology leader in Europe with over 25 patents. Founded in 1996 in Denmark – a pioneering country in the energy transition and especially in combined heat and power generation – we have also been established in Germany since 2008 and are networked with the best in the industry.

Network with us now – we look forward to your questions, wishes and ideas!